The Position of Quality Austria

The Integrated Managementsystem

With the position paper "The Integrated Managementsystem" Quality Austria offers you a compact overview of the art regarding the integration of management systems and profound expertise in its practical design and implementation.

The Audit

The position paper "The Audit" goes even further and puts the focus on the qualityaustria audit philosophy as well as challenges of today and the distinction of audit categories..

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The position of Quality Austria

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Position Paper "The Integrated Management System"

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Position Paper "The Audit"

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The qualityaustria position paper on the Integrated Management System (IMS) is available in its fourth edition. The dynamics in economic activity, profound further developments of relevant system standards and the further development of the integration concept in the practical im-plementation of management systems gave cause to the creation of a position paper that focuses on our core ser-vices – the qualityaustria audit.

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