Extensive Cooperations

Partner Network

With its team of over 1,000 auditors, trainers, assessors and experts Quality Austria assures the successful implementation of standards plus industrial and product-specific know-how in organisations and does so to an outstandingly high level of practical content and relevance.

  • We have a wide competence network (profound sector, product and methods knowledge and an extensive fund of experience)
  • We influence trends, interpret innovations and the requirements of tomorrow’s world and work in bodies active at international Level.

Our claim: Systematic competence building and a concentrated exchange process for continuous further development of the qualityaustria services.

National and International

National Networking 

Quality Austria is networked throughout Austria with prominent partners such as CIS, AMA, ON and industrial clusters in the provinces of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna.

International Networking 

Close relationships with the partner organisations IQNet, EOQ, IPC, EFQM VDA-QMC and IATF assure the mutual exchange of the latest and industry-specific global know-how.

Around the globe

International Cooperations

Quality Austria cooperates with around 50 partner and member organizations worldwide.

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